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NPINameNPI TypePrimary Practice AddressPhonePrimary Taxonomy
1659841872GRETCHEN SMITH165 CHARLES ST , PAINTED POST, NY, 148701100607-654-2729Speech-Language Pathologist
1497298186KATHERINE REINHOLTZ317 E 67TH ST [email protected] RICHMOND EDUCATION COMPLEX, NEW YORK, NY, 100656051724-388-6204Speech-Language Pathologist
1366801417JUDITH INDICH1318 E 5TH ST , BROOKLYN, NY, 112304626718-377-0432Speech-Language Pathologist
1134353782YVETTE ANDRADE4125 CARPENTER AVE , BRONX, NY, 104662601718-655-0261Speech-Language Pathologist
1861490328PATRICIA LUKASIEWICZ97 HAMBURG ST , EAST AURORA, NY, 140522139716-652-6464Speech-Language Pathologist
1265430300CAROL LETZTER16124 84TH ST , HOWARD BEACH, NY, 114143315718-641-3817Speech-Language Pathologist
1063941904MALLORY QUATTRONE355 HARLEM RD , WEST SENECA, NY, 142241825716-821-7000Speech-Language Pathologist
1295148955JIAN XIONG103 QUENTIN RD APT B403 , BROOKLYN, NY, 112231102646-457-5329Case Manager/Care Coordinator
1255716353JULIE MORVITZ425 W 130TH ST , NEW YORK, NY, 100277500212-690-5932Speech-Language Pathologist
1528586419JENNIFER POSNER8804 5TH AVE , BROOKLYN, NY, 112095902718-238-7451Speech-Language Pathologist
1558354779HELEN MARTINETTI5225 NESCONSET HWY SUITE 10, PORT JEFFERSON STATION, NY, 117762053631-331-1888Speech-Language Pathologist
1194718205JOHN MARTINETTI5225 NESCONSET HWY SUITE 10, PORT JEFFERSON STATION, NY, 117762053631-331-1888Speech-Language Pathologist
1689117103NANCY FRIEDMAN123 MORNINGSIDE DR , NEW YORK, NY, 100276017212-690-5807Speech-Language Pathologist
1730565888KIMBERLY LAVOIE50 HAMLET RD , LEVITTOWN, NY, 11756516-426-5777Speech-Language Pathologist
1477540698SHAWNA GUGINO8427 HEIM DRIVE , SPRINGVILLE, NY, 14141716-913-6463Speech-Language Pathologist
1871658666ELLEN SIEGEL16 COLGATE RD , GREAT NECK, NY, 110232222917-868-3737Speech-Language Pathologist
1134634033NICOLE IUCULANO43-18 97TH PLACE , CORONA, NY, 11368516-426-3309Speech-Language Pathologist
1194219758AGNIESZKA ZIMNY134 W 26TH ST RM 602 , NEW YORK, NY, 100016803212-604-9360Speech-Language Pathologist
1528547148JORI KING4238 NEW YORK 8 , NEW BERLIN, NY, 134111341607-847-7500Speech-Language Pathologist
1619434305ELLEN CORRINI670 PARKSIDE AVE , BROOKLYN, NY, 112261506914-588-5288Speech-Language Pathologist
1164900353REBECCA BROWN4104 VESTAL RD STE 101 , VESTAL, NY, 138503500607-235-3980Speech-Language Pathologist
1407844731JOSEPH DEROSE15 S FOREST RD , WILLIAMSVILLE, NY, 142216425716-632-1884Speech-Language Pathologist
1104816099DERRICK MCGAUGHEY10520 MAPLE RIDGE RD , MEDINA, NY, 141039512585-735-3335Speech-Language Pathologist
1972593861DAVID GROSS605 E BEECH ST , LONG BEACH, NY, 115613703516-431-6017Audiologist
1245220045REBECCA ROSEN43 NEW SCOTLAND AVE , ALBANY, NY, 122083412518-262-4526Speech-Language Pathologist
1801886981STACY VANDERHORST43 NEW SCOTLAND AVE , ALBANY, NY, 122083412518-262-4526Speech-Language Pathologist
1811988546SUSAN WEG32 HERRICK DR , LAWRENCE, NY, 115591528516-239-2241Speech-Language Pathologist
1235110065DONNA GEFFNER8000 UTOPIA PKWY , JAMAICA, NY, 114390001718-990-6480Audiologist
1245211986JAMES SMALDINOELM AND CARLTON ST , BUFFALO, NY, 142630001716-845-2300Speech-Language Pathologist
1255313797CYNTHIA CAPELLAN-GONZALEZ1180 REV JAMES A POLITE AVE , BRONX, NY, 104592210718-378-1370Speech-Language Pathologist
1336122753STEVEN TRUNCALE423 CLAY PITTS RD BIRCHWOOD ASSISTED LIVING, EAST NORTHPORT, NY, 117313801631-889-1213Speech-Language Pathologist
1821088766BRIDGET MURPHY292 CARROLL CLOSE , TARRYTOWN, NY, 105915216914-332-8813Speech-Language Pathologist
1801251772ERIN PIKOWSKI159 W 1ST ST , OSWEGO, NY, 131262045315-342-9575Speech-Language Pathologist
1598141343MICHAELLE ZERYKIER3003 NEW HYDE PARK RD SUITE 409, NEW HYDE PARK, NY, 110421206516-775-2800Speech-Language Pathologist
1255705372PATRICIA MARCHETTI4 HEWITT AVE WHITE PLAINS, WHITE PLAINS, NY, 106053906917-757-5145Speech-Language Pathologist
1023392743VIKTORIYA UTKINA708 3RD AVE 5TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY, 100174201212-209-3910Speech-Language Pathologist
1851894091SARAH DEFRANCESCO1650 GRAND CONCOURSE , BRONX, NY, 104577606718-838-1016Speech-Language Pathologist
1023537941HANNAH GARN1045 JAMES ST , SYRACUSE, NY, 132032730#(315) 425-1004Speech-Language Pathologist
1679067128JENNIFER CATOR6 PUPPY LANE , LIVONIA, NY, 14487585-346-4000Speech-Language Pathologist
1649765033SAMANTHA SMITH560 NASSAU BLVD , FRANKLIN SQUARE, NY, 110104337516-505-6955Speech-Language Pathologist
1811468168JOSSY GRAMAJO1425 WALTON AVE , BRONX, NY, 104526901718-293-5970Student in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program
1407830045CAROL CAPUTO SCHWARZ59 SHADOW LN , ROCHESTER, NY, 146064359585-247-5804Speech-Language Pathologist
1184608861SHAYNA IRELAND711 TROY SCHENECTADY RD 216, LATHAM, NY, 121102442518-786-1665Speech-Language Pathologist
1528043411DEBORAH MANNELLO211 HURLEY AVENUVE SUITE 1, KINGSTON, NY, 124012400845-331-2568Speech-Language Pathologist
1619955309YITZCHOK SCHLAFRIG49 FOREST RD , MONROE, NY, 10950845-782-3242Speech-Language Pathologist
1093793044BARBARA DECICCO83 MAIDEN LN 6TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY, 100384812212-780-2378Speech-Language Pathologist
1588643522JULIE SANDOR17 E 97TH ST SUITE 1A, NEW YORK, NY, 100296926212-860-4102Speech-Language Pathologist
1609855600DOROTHY SCHORRMAN151 E 83RD ST SUITE 1D, NEW YORK, NY, 100281906212-861-1568Speech-Language Pathologist
1447239314THERESA CINOTTI52 BIOMEDICAL EDUCATION BLDG , BUFFALO, NY, 142148016716-829-3980Speech-Language Pathologist
1053390930DONNA RINGHOLZ52 BIOMEDICAL EDUCATION BLDG , BUFFALO, NY, 142148016716-829-3980Speech-Language Pathologist