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NPIName NPI TypePrimary Practice AddressPhonePrimary Taxonomy
1669499687REGION ONE MENTAL HEALTH CENTERCLARKSDALE, MS662-627-7267Public Health or Welfare
1053489260MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHBRANDON, MS601-825-2141Public Health or Welfare
1992843999MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHJACKSON, MS601-576-7566Public Health or Welfare
1841339512JAMES O WHITEHERNANDO, MS662-429-9814Public Health or Welfare
1376606582MISSISSIPP STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHJACKSON, MS601-713-3457Pharmacy Long Term Care Pharmacy
1861616757MS STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH PHARMACYJACKSON, MS601-713-3457Pharmacy Home Infusion Therapy Pharmacy
1457520173CHOICES FOR DENTALJACKSON, MS601-373-0566Public Health or Welfare
1750540472MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHJACKSON, MS601-576-7500Public Health or Welfare
1043434939MS STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH PHARMACYJACKSON, MS601-713-3457Pharmacy Long Term Care Pharmacy
1457505315MS STATE DEPT OF HEALTH PHARMACYJACKSON, MS601-713-3457Public Health or Welfare
1922384551MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHSOUTHAVEN, MS662-393-2775Public Health or Welfare
1609105014KING LOUIS CHAMBERSCENTREVILLE, MS601-645-0088Public Health or Welfare
1861730236THE BEDFORD MEDICAL CORPORATIONMADISON, MS601-853-5580Public Health or Welfare
1407266349MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHBATESVILLE, MS662-563-4616Public Health or Welfare
1497165484MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHHERNANDO, MS662-429-9814Public Health or Welfare
1407266315MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHOLIVE BRANCH, MS662-895-3090Public Health or Welfare
1376953349MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHCLARKSDALE, MS662-624-8316Public Health or Welfare
1548670474MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHGRENADA, MS662-226-3711Public Health or Welfare
1003226903MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHSOUTHAVEN, MS662-393-2775Public Health or Welfare
1255741146MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHMARKS, MS662-326-8261Public Health or Welfare
1417367236MISSISSIPP STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHWATER VALLEY, MS662-473-1424Public Health or Welfare
1235549049MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHTUNICA, MS662-363-2166Public Health or Welfare
1093125866MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHSENATOBIA, MS662-562-4428Public Health or Welfare
1902216690MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHTUPELO, MS662-841-9096Public Health or Welfare
1467862177MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHIUKA, MS662-423-6100Public Health or Welfare
1407266182MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHFULTON, MS662-862-3710Public Health or Welfare
1841600558MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHRIPLEY, MS662-837-3215Public Health or Welfare
1063822781MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHNEW ALBANY, MS662-534-1926Public Health or Welfare
1053721761MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHPONTOTOC, MS662-489-1241Public Health or Welfare
1689084303MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHKOSCIUSKO, MS662-289-2351Public Health or Welfare
1215347901MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHOXFORD, MS662-234-5231Public Health or Welfare
1023428703MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHSUMNER, MS662-375-8345Public Health or Welfare
1689084253MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHCLEVELAND, MS662-843-2706Public Health or Welfare
1841600442MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHASHLAND, MS662-224-6442Public Health or Welfare
1316357924MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHGREENWOOD, MS662-453-0284Public Health or Welfare
1023428620MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHCORINTH, MS662-287-6121Public Health or Welfare
1639589237MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHLEXINGTON, MS662-834-3142Public Health or Welfare
1427468073MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHLELAND, MS662-686-7711Public Health or Welfare
1518377118MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHBELZONI, MS662-247-1861Public Health or Welfare
1487064036MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHHOLLANDALE, MS662-827-5626Public Health or Welfare
1912317561MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHRULEVILLE, MS662-756-4881Public Health or Welfare
1114337771MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHACKERMAN, MS662-285-6213Public Health or Welfare
1669882270MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHWINONA, MS662-283-3655Public Health or Welfare
1043620602MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHOKOLONA, MS662-447-5492Public Health or Welfare
1043620685MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHINDIANOLA, MS662-887-4951Public Health or Welfare
1639589294MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHPITTSBORO, MS662-412-3260Public Health or Welfare
1730599325MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHBOONEVILLE, MS662-728-3518Public Health or Welfare
1164832671MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHHOUSTON, MS662-456-3737Public Health or Welfare
1578973947MISSISSIPPI STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTHROLLING FORK, MS662-873-6202Public Health or Welfare