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NPIName NPI TypePrimary Practice AddressPhonePrimary Taxonomy
1962792291MATTHEW DAVID ZELHARTMETAIRIE, LA504-456-5108Colon & Rectal Surgery
1144544164RAY SCOTT DAUGHERTYMEMPHIS, TN901-609-3525Colon & Rectal Surgery
1578858288BRADLEY PAUL CHAMPAGNELAFAYETTE, LA337-233-0219Colon & Rectal Surgery
1295940559KELLY RENEE FINANBATON ROUGE, LA225-767-1156Colon & Rectal Surgery
1508807819LOUIS BARFIELDBATON ROUGE, LA225-767-1156Colon & Rectal Surgery
1437199155RICHARD LINDSEY BYRDBATON ROUGE, LA225-767-1156Colon & Rectal Surgery
1497098552MAAMOUN A HARMOUCHWEBSTER, TX281-332-3909Colon & Rectal Surgery
1952716979ASIF TALUKDERBATON ROUGE, LA225-767-1156Surgery
1184689507COLON & RECTAL SURGERY ASSOCIATESMETAIRIE, LA504-456-5108Colon & Rectal Surgery
1184671455OUR LADY OF THE LAKE PHYSICIAN GROUP LLCBATON ROUGE, LA225-767-1311Internal Medicine Hematology & Oncology
1699703330COLON & RECTAL ASSOCIATES PCSHREVEPORT, LA318-424-8373Colon & Rectal Surgery
1548355266NORTH LOUISIANA SURGERY CENTERBOSSIER CITY, LA318-746-7272Colon & Rectal Surgery
1871707331MARK A RUBIN, MD, PAWEST MONROE, LA318-325-1087Colon & Rectal Surgery
1396063244JOSEPH MARRAZZO, III, MD, APMCALEXANDRIA, LA318-487-8181Colon & Rectal Surgery
1205124955MATTHEW B. BOUDREAUX, M.D., L.L.C.LAFAYETTE, LA337-233-0219Colon & Rectal Surgery
1033494943OUR LADY OF THE LAKE PHYSICIAN GROUP LLCBATON ROUGE, LA225-765-7727Internal Medicine
1093070476MICHAEL F HORAIST, M.D. LLCLAFAYETTE, LA337-233-0219Colon & Rectal Surgery
1912967316KENNETH J. CHAMPAGNE, M.D., APMCLAFAYETTE, LA337-233-0219Colon & Rectal Surgery
1548784523BRADLEY P CHAMPAGNE, MD, LLCLAFAYETTE, LA#(337) 233-0219Colon & Rectal Surgery
1962461459ANIL S. PARAMESH, M.D., S.C.NEW ORLEANS, LA504-988-0783Surgery
1205900925BATON ROUGE COLON RECTAL ASSOCIATESBATON ROUGE, LA225-767-8997Colon & Rectal Surgery
1811924400ALAN E TIMMCKENEW ORLEANS, LA504-842-4000Colon & Rectal Surgery
1003859141ANDREW M WERNERSHREVEPORT, LA318-424-8373Colon & Rectal Surgery
1255390738ANIL S PARAMESHNEW ORLEANS, LA504-988-7526Transplant Surgery
1689763179BRIAN R KANNNEW ORLEANS, LA504-842-4060Colon & Rectal Surgery
1245640291BRYAN CROSSPINEVILLE, LA318-466-4034Colon & Rectal Surgery
1013941368CHARLES WHITLOWNEW ORLEANS, LA504-842-4000Colon & Rectal Surgery
1942223888EDWARD GREGORY HELMNEW ORLEANS, LA504-412-1517Colon & Rectal Surgery
1306875570EDWARD RONALD SAMPERSHREVEPORT, LA318-212-3520Pediatrics
1598185118ELYSE BEVIER-RAWLSNEW ORLEANS, LA504-568-4750Colon & Rectal Surgery
1750592473FRANK GEORGE OPELKANEW ORLEANS, LA504-568-6148Colon & Rectal Surgery
1740248046GUY R ORANGIONEW ORLEANS, LA504-568-4750Colon & Rectal Surgery
1376507418HERSCHEL DAVID VARGASNEW ORLEANS, LA504-842-4000Colon & Rectal Surgery
1497710370HILDRETH B MCCARTHYMETAIRIE, LA504-456-5108Colon & Rectal Surgery
1295763258JAY P JHUNJHUNWALABATON ROUGE, LA225-767-1156Colon & Rectal Surgery
1881659761JEFFREY F GRIFFINMETAIRIE, LA504-456-5108Colon & Rectal Surgery
1770805871JENNIFER PARUCHNEW ORLEANS, LA504-842-4060Colon & Rectal Surgery
1609067743JENNIFER D SILINSKYMETAIRIE, LA504-456-5108Colon & Rectal Surgery
1922254002JOANN E WARRICKSHREVEPORT, LA318-631-9121Colon & Rectal Surgery
1568455855JOSEPH MARRAZZOALEXANDRIA, LA318-487-8181Colon & Rectal Surgery
1740284454KENNETH J. CHAMPAGNELAFAYETTE, LA337-233-0219Colon & Rectal Surgery
1114975067KURT G DAVISNEW ORLEANS, LA504-568-4752Surgery
1245440577MATTHEW B BOUDREAUXLAFAYETTE, LA337-233-0219Colon & Rectal Surgery
1992062004MATTHEW DARRIN GIGLIABATON ROUGE, LA225-761-3726Colon & Rectal Surgery
1922218239MICHAEL F HORAISTLAFAYETTE, LA337-524-1414Colon & Rectal Surgery
1902849011MICHAEL D STRATTONSHREVEPORT, LA318-424-8373Colon & Rectal Surgery
1609175348NATHAN HITEBATON ROUGE, LA225-767-1156Colon & Rectal Surgery
1154364248PHILIP A COLESHREVEPORT, LA318-424-8373Colon & Rectal Surgery
1841480217SEAN G MAYFIELDMETAIRIE, LA504-456-1410Colon & Rectal Surgery